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The History and Evolution of Artificial Necklaces

16 Feb 2024
The History and Evolution of Artificial Necklaces

It is time to take a tour of the world of artificial necklaces. Of course, the history is quite intense. But we will try to ride across centuries of historical events as briefly as possible. The culture, charisma, and craftsmanship make the history of artificial necklaces abundant and vibrant. 

The game begins from the time of ancient civilization and continues till the modern marvels. You will get to know that every necklace has some cool story to tell. From colors to patterns, there is a meaning to everything. One thing that remained unchanged in this entire transition mode of artificial jewelry is its timeless elegance just like our Taj Mahal. It is the epitome of beauty and awe-striking grace. Let us understand about the glory of artificial jewelry:

  1. 1. Ancient Legacy: Do you know what makes artificial necklaces even more glorious? Its rich heritage has a starting point from the times of ancient civilizations such as the Indus Valley. The symbolic motifs and intricate beadwork were beautifully adorned on the necklines. The people used to connect artificial jewelry with their spiritual beliefs and cultural individuality.
  2. Royal Opulence: You must have watched millions of pictures and a lot of movies showcasing the abundance of jewels adorned by the people in royal courts. In the popular dynasties like the Mughals and Rajputs, royal people used to value the craftsmanship in necklaces by adorning them. Jewelry during those royal times used to be symbolic of prestige and wealth.
  3. Cultural Diversity: India is highly fortunate in terms of its diversity in culture. No country can beat India in terms of varying cultures. The diverse regions bring a uniqueness to the necklace styles. Sharing from temple style necklaces popular in South India to chunky silver necklaces loved in Rajasthan, there is something unique in every region that makes necklaces look highly diverse and attractive. Rajasthanis use semi-precious stones to reflect their traditions and regional aesthetics. The South Indian people use ornate motifs that are highly inspired by Hindu deities.
  4. Modern Fusion: Here comes the modern era after India gained Independence. The designers of Indian jewelry started mixing and matching contemporary styles with traditional craftsmanship. The iconic fusion grabbed a lot of attention an still being loved by fashion enthusiasts. With the fusion of Victorian-era style and indigenous techniques, we were introduced to Kundan and Meenakari-like stuff that showcases heritage with an elegant touch of modernity.
  5. Sustainable Shift: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices in the Indian jewelry industry, with artisans embracing eco-friendly materials and traditional techniques to create necklaces that not only exude beauty but also resonate with values of social and environmental responsibility.

In the very recent times, sustainability has become a rising trend over everything else. People still want to focus on their looks and fashion sense but not on the cost of putting the environment in danger. Artificial necklaces have never become more popular than this very time. 

People have started understanding that we have a limited amount of natural resources like Gold and silver. Not keeping it sustainable for the future can be hazardous. Hence, buying artificial jewelry made with materials like Zirconia can be a treat for the environment as well as your overall look. You can buy the best imitation necklaces at now.

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