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The Cultural Significance of Bangles in Different Regions

22 Nov 2023
The Cultural Significance of Bangles in Different Regions

In a diverse country like India, you will the uniqueness of different cultures every 10 kilometres. We are the epitome of traditions and glorious cultures. Jewelry has a deep-rooted connection with rituals and cultures.

 Women in India adorn themselves with the most graceful jewels on different occasions. Every piece of jewelry symbolizes something meaningful. Among the variety of ornaments, the bangles have always been ladies’ must-haves. The hands are instantly beautified when they are garnished with spectacular bangles

From artificial zirconia, bangles to stunning glass, metal, or precious stones bangles, different states of India have different bangles trends. Bangles have a significant importance in every culture. Let us throw some light on the glory of bangles in different regions and cultures:

North India: The regal connection with the color red

The ladies in North India have a special place for red bangles. You will get to see almost all the married ladies decked up with elegant red jewels around their wrists. Not only on special occasions, red bangles have become a part of their everyday lives. They keep multiple palettes with different designs of red bangles. These blood-red bangles symbolize fertility and harmonious marriage. You must have seen the beautiful bride wearing a gorgeous set of red and ivory bangles in both hands. 

According to the statistics, more than 80% of North Indian weddings consider Red and ivory bangles an integral part of their new-bride traditions and rituals. 

South India: The Charm of Temple Jewelry

Unlike the North side, South Indian women wear temple jewelry-inspired bangles according to their traditions. The gold, imbibed with precious gemstones dominates the South Indian jewelry of states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These bangles symbolize prosperous lives and healthy well-being. 

East India: The Union of Traditions

You will get to see a splendid amalgamation of different cultures and traditions in the East region. Women in West Bengal carry the prettiest conch shell bangles. While the ladies in Odisha go for bright lac bangles. Moreover, the culture of handcrafted bangles is highly influenced by the practice of promoting and preserving local workers and indigenous artistry. 

West India: The Trend of Glass and Metal

The center of attraction in Western India is glass and metal bangles. The Gujarati people call these mesmerizing iconic glass bangles PATLAS. It is an essential part of their culture. Patlas have the most beautiful patterns on them that symbolize the feeling of celebration and joy. Maharashtra has a culture of green and red glass bangles that signifies the commitment of married women towards their families.

The bottom line

The diversity of cultures has introduced the world to a huge variety of bangles. Traditional bangles have always been close to the hearts of Indian women. However, there is a growing trend of adding more elements to the traditional bangles. The demand for stunning yet luxurious-looking artificial zirconia bangles is rising day by day. You can have a glance at the most exquisite artificial bangles from Noorrani.

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