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Making your own artificial necklace at home

08 Nov 2023
Making your own artificial necklace at home

Do you know what is special about necklaces? It’s their ability to catch the eyes even in the crowd. People get stuck at your necklace before looking at your attire. Their eyes just freeze on your necklace!! You can say that alluring necklaces are clear attention magnets.

However, why to take conventional roads when you can make creative decisions? Sometimes, our hearts crave to showcase some artistic talents. One such deeply satisfying thing is making your own artificial necklace. Do you like to infuse imagination and creativity into your fashion game? Well, you can make a wearable piece of art.

It is a work of talent!! Don’t worry, you can still do it as a beginner. It is definitely a rewarding experience. Whether you are an amateur artist or a Pro champion, here is a brief guide to help you craft your own artificial necklace:

Step 1: Gather your supplies

First things first! Start your creative journey by gathering all the important materials. If you are clueless about what to use, then you may consider artificial gemstones, faux pearls, beads, clasps, wire cutters, chains, wire cutters, pliers, and more. Also, make sure you have a comfortable work surface. If possible, you can buy the readily available stuff online or from offline craft stores. You will find a huge variety of materials there.


Step 2: Plan the design

It is time for manifesting the design. You need to prepare a sketch by visualizing the design of your hand-made artificial necklace. Try to identify what exactly you want to create. Do you want something into bohemian style, a cute pearl pattern, or a bold statement neckpiece? Also clear out the active colors, overall length measurements, and overall persona of your necklace.


Step 3: Stringing and beading

Start stringing the beads onto the thread or wire after successfully planning your design. It’s action time. Do hesitate to experiment with the arrangements and unique patterns. Go ahead with your instincts. Add the essence of your personal aura to it. Be playful. Nobody is going to judge you.

Step 4: Clasp and finishing touches

Once you are fully satisfied with your design play, you can clasp the ends properly. Now you can smoothly wear and remove your necklace. You can use pliers to make the Clasp stronger. Now your necklace is 100% functional. You are all set to add this stunning self-made necklace to your jewellery box.

Voila!!! You did it.

Your artificial necklace is ready.  See. Wasn’t it an easy peasy process?

Making your own necklace isn’t just about crafting a piece of jewellery, but a form of genuine self-expression. It gives you wings to illuminate your personality in a creative yet unique way. Overall, this necklace is going to symbolize your individuality.

We hope you enjoyed this necklace DIY session wholeheartedly. It is therapeutic work for sure!!

If you are really into different types of artificial jewellery, then don’t miss out on checking out the magnificent variety at Noorrani!! You can buy your favorite kind of artificial necklace to shine in the upcoming event!!

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