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A Brief History of Artificial Bangles

03 Nov 2023
A Brief History of Artificial Bangles

We often flaunt our cool bangles in different functions. Sometimes elegant and other times traditional!! We love to play fashion using a variety of bangles. Almost every woman has a different space occupied with the prettiest range of bangles. These cute feminine jewels double our beauty.

Bangles act as a catalyst in enhancing the overall look. If you think your outfit isn’t enough to fetch all the attention, adding the charm of matching or trending bangles is all you need to do. Every bangle has a different story to tell in our wardrobe.

 However, a lot of people are curious to know about the deep-rooted history of bangles in this world. How have they managed to become a prominent part of our everyday life and important occasions? When did these super elegant bangles manage to make their space in our hearts? Let’s explore the interesting history of Artificial Bangles:

Ancient tale

The idea of bangles as an ornament was first born in the era of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Indus Valley, and Mesopotamia. In its very initial phase, bangles were prepared with the help of different types of materials like stones, shells, and even metals.

You must notice that in earlier times, bangles were not just used as ornaments. They were used as a token of social status. Also, bangles were popularly used in cultural rituals and spiritual practices. As time passed, bangles became an important component of traditional attire and ceremonies.


Cultural richness

Do you know how artificial became popular? With time, the population has increased exponentially and so has the number of cultural occasions. We want to carry different outfits to different events. And with a variety of dresses, we need matching bangles too. Buying original gold and silver jewelry too often is impractical.

Also, we can’t wear similar bangles at every function. We want to carry something trendy and suitable according to the event and the outfit. There comes artificial jewelry: A versatile option for different occasions. Imitation bangles made from different materials look as pretty as the original material bangles. However, these are equally expensive. Artificial bangles are known for their affordable and versatile nature. It carries a prominent role in the modern era.

The industrial revolution

The contemporary world welcomed the concept of artificial bangles with all the warmth and satisfaction. A massive twist was seen in the story of bangles. With the invention of machinery, bangles got a scope for exponential mass production.

A huge jump in sales of bangles was observed. People enjoyed buying an overwhelming variety of designs and patterns. After a time, bangles were all over the market, with different colors, patterns, designs, and materials. No traditional outfit seems complete without the abundance of gorgeous bangles.

Global influence

As the popularity of bangles expanded, bangles tool entry across different continents, evolving the overcharging fashion game. Artificial bangles have now become a fashion statement worldwide.

The allure of artificial bangles is infectious. From the highly esteemed personalities to the most simple homemakers, almost every woman has a love interest in bangles. Some people like minimal stick designs and some go for bold statement pieces.

The final word

Noorrani’s imitation bangles have a stunning blend of modern patterns with a traditional touch. From stones to expensive metals and artificial bangles, we have come a long way.

Finally, artificial bangles have managed to make a sweet spot in our hearts. Noorrani strives to fulfill diverse fashion needs. If you are already craving to have a glance at the glory of magnificent artificial bangles, go and check it out online at Noorrani now!!




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