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Are You Making These Mistakes When Buying Artificial Jewellery Online?

08 Jan 2024

Are you planning to buy gorgeous artificial jewellery? Great plan. Go ahead. Artificial jewellery is gaining prominent popularity among accessories lovers. You get the freedom to choose from a wide range of variety of products. With the countless options to explore, you also get the comfort of staying within the boundary of your budget. The attractive price range on online platforms like Noorrani is the major reason why people are falling in love with artificial jewellery. However, some potential pitfalls could bring you a feeling of disappointment. You don’t want to be less satisfied with what you have purchased wholeheartedly. Here are some mistakes that people can omit while buying artificial jewellery online: 

1. Ignoring Reviews and Ratings:

  • Mistake: Not making it a habit to check product ratings and go through product reviews by customers.
  • Solution: You should always take some time to have a glance at reviews of the product you are going to buy.  The whole idea is to get insights into the product's quality and durability. This process will help you to reach the most reliable platform like Noorrani itself.   

2. Neglecting Material and Quality Information:

  • Mi stake: Not paying enough attention to the product description and detailed information of the material used.
  • Solution: Stop overlooking the important stuff. Read the product descriptions carefully and try to analyse what kind of metal is used, and what is the quality of gemstones and other materials. This way you will be able to understand more about the quality of the artificial jewellery.

3. Skipping Size and Measurement Checks:

  • Mistake: Just assuming that all the jewellery sizes are adjustable and standardized.
  • Solution: Before buying any jewellery item, make sure you check the measurement and size chart. Accessories like bracelets and rings genuinely require a proper fit and you don’t want to jinx it. 

4. Falling for Unrealistic Discounts:

  • Mistake: Visit websites that offer fancy discounts and sell jewellery at unbelievable prices.
  • Solution: You don’t need to trust all the online platforms that are cheap enough for your pocket. All deals are not genuine. You need to double-check and always be sceptical about these kinds of things. Do proper research and try to find out the real price range in the market. You will get to see a reasonable price range at Noorrani. You need not to compromise the quality in search of a fair price.

5. Disregarding Return Policies:

  • Mistake: Not reading the return, exchange or refund policy carefully.
  • Solution: Always familiarize yourself with the important return, refund and exchange policies of the platform. You may don’t like the product that you receive or you could change your mind. If the platform gives you convenient customer service, then it is totally a green flag.

6. Neglecting Secure Payment Options:

  • Mistake: Falling for scams and frauds.
  • Solution: Choosing unsecured payment methods can be a huge mistake. You should avoid sharing your personal financial details with any random platform. Always choose a secure payment mode on secured websites. 
Now you know what to do. Just don’t commit the above-mentioned mistakes and you are good to go. This way, you will uplift your experience of shopping artificial jewellery online. You can always get the best kind of jewellery at Noorrani, which is safe enough to offer you exactly what you want!

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